9 Timeless Celebrities Looks Then and Now

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Smoldering Eyes
Past: Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor’s shadow look remains the ne plus ultra of eye makeup.

Present: Angelina Jolie.

Redhead Bombshells
Past: Rita Hayworth. Are you one of the chosen few with radiant red locks and a flawless, creamy complexion?

Present: Christina Hendricks

Überpretty Pixies
Past: Twiggy. Not for those with tight, thick curls or major frizz, this gamine style suits straight hair and a long neck.

Present: Carey Mulligan.

Sexy Waves
Past: Lauren Hutton. Uncontrived, voluminous waves always look soft and feminine.

Present: Jennifer Lopez.

Perfect Pouts
Past: Brigitte Bardot. Full lips transcend fashion trends, always looking feminine.

Present: Scarlett Johansson.

Perfect Bangs
Past: Julie Christie. Blessed with a heart-shaped face? Chances are you can rock some serious bangs.

Present: Reese Witherspoon. Use a flat brush while blow-drying to get just enough bend, and avoid using any products.

Voluptuous Curves
Past: Marilyn Monroe. Forget waifs!

Present: Beyonce.

Stunning Smiles
Past: Farrah Fawcett. A megawatt smile will light up your face no matter what your age.

Present: Julia Roberts.

Easy, Elegant Updos
Past: Grace Kelly. The look is still fresh and modern.

Present: Taylor Swift.

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