Arthur Miller’s & Marilyn Monroe

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What was Arthur Miller’s marriage to Marilyn Monroe like?

She apparently saw a father figure in him and besides wanting to be loved and appreciated, also wanted him to help lift her out of the “dumb blonde” category.  As the son of an immigrant, Miller probably saw himself gaining a lift in status too by marrying a beautiful all-American star.  However, one day she peeped into his diary and saw to her mortification that he did think of her, at least sometimes, as a dumb and even irritating blonde.  The marriage was collapsing even as Miller was working on Marilyn’s finest film, The Misfits.  He failed to write Marilyn out of his system with that project, though, and Marilyn figures kept reappearing in his subsequent works, none of which matched the quality of his pre-Marilyn writing.

So in the end, Miller and Monroe kind of shattered one another, or at least contributed to the shattering

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