9 Timeless Celebrities Looks Then and Now

Smoldering Eyes Past: Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor’s shadow look remains the ne plus ultra of eye makeup. Present: Angelina Jolie. Redhead Bombshells Past: Rita Hayworth. Are you one of the chosen few with radiant red locks and a flawless, creamy complexion? Present: Christina Hendricks Überpretty Pixies Past: Twiggy. Not for those with tight, thick curls or

20 Best cemetery sculptures images

Opened in 1851, the cemetery is filled with artistic sculptures that leave us with questions about our own mortality and our relationship with death. Famous historical figures including Friedrich Nietzsche and Mark Twain are said to have been fascinated with the Staglieno, ruminating over life’s unanswered questions as they strolled through the hallowed grounds. In