The 10 Best Transformations of the Decade

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From Angie to Katy, we’ve tracked a lot of major makeovers over the last ten years. Click through to check out our fave befores–Gaga au natural, long haired Rihanna, blond Ashlee Simpson–and their stunning afters!

Angelina Jolie


Back in 2000 (left), Angelina Jolie walked on the wild side with Morticia Addams extensions, vampire-pale foundation and edgy winged eyeliner. 10 years (and six kids) later, she’s all about a enhancing her natural assets with dewy makeup.

Katie Holmes

With her girly ringlets and shimmery shadow, Holmes (left) was an adorable up-and-comer. 10 years later and Mrs. Tom Cruise is the picture of sophistication.

Nicole Richie

Remember when Nicole Richie was best known for being pals with Paris Hilton? Back in those days (left), the mouthy TV star favored bleached-out tips and glittery makeup. Now the Winter Kate designer channels her boho taste with sweeping bangs and shimmery makeup.

Michelle Williams

As the resident bad girl on Dawson’s Creek, Williams rocked sweet curls and sheer red lipstick. Fast-forward to 2010 and she’s the ultimate trendsetter with a platinum pixie and understated makeup.

Tina Fey

SNL writer Tina Fey made her debut behind the Weekend Update desk sporting a neat shag and brick-red lipstick. Now in the 30 Rock spotlight, the funnylady favors retro hairstyles and lush lashes.


Rihanna came on the scene as a Barbadian songbird with standard-issue waves. She’s since dropped one adventurous look after the next, landing (for the moment) on a cherry red crop and matching lips.

Lady Gaga

High schooler Stefani Germanotta (left) topped off her long, light brown hair with hardly a hint of Bonne Belle. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, has a veritable arsenal of wigs, makeups, hats, veils, and er, meat, to finish her look.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was a blonde? Believe it! As a Santa Barbara teen, she had a light, layered bob. Now a platinum-selling songstress, Perry’s the consummate pinup girl with liquid liner, matte lips and structured curls.

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin went from precocious young Oscar winner to True Blood’s reigning bombshell. She contrasts her buttery blond with tawny skin to play the sexy, psychic Sookie Stackhouse.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Pre-Pete Wentz, the young singer dyed her hair in her bathroom sink and sported edgy razor cuts. Now Simpson-Wentz has gone sophisticated (rock and roll style!) with an angled crop.

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