Magic Realism by Rob Gonsalves (25 images)

A picture tells a thousand stories! A great artist like Canadian born Rob Gonsalves helps bring the pictures he draws and paints to life. His pictures are the very essence of a magical world of mystical illusions. His pictures are all so planned that you feel that your eyes are playing tricks with you and the pictures are deceptively real.


The pictures of Robert Gonsalves are so surreal that the images just melt into one another to complete a full circle. These pictures all play on our minds and transform us into a dreamy world of make-believe reality. You can actually think that it is the dam in the picture, but on a thorough look you notice that the openings ‘under the dam’ are actually ships on the blue horizon. His paintings are of all real happenings but the way he portrays these happenings is to show us that it is another irrational delusionary effect created by the artist.

Robert Gonsalves was drawn towards art since he was a kid and had at twelve years demonstrated a mastery over the architectural techniques. His study of the surreal works of René Magritte and Salvador Dali inspired him to no end and he gyrated to the surrealism side of artistry and has continued on that road with brilliant effect.

The mind-bending and also mind-boggling illusions in which this Canadian Robert Gonsalves draws his paintings is a study in the art of delusions which any true magician would love to emulate. The painting at first sight seem a theme from everyday life like the water flowing down a mountain side, but on a closer second look you see that the white water is nothing but nymph-like figures dressed in white frolicking alongside the side of the mountain. This funny manner in which the Canadian artist twists the perceptions of your brain is a delight as well as a nightmare. For not until you look at the painting quite minutely – as if through a microscope – will you be able to tell what the painting is actually about.

The paintings by this Canadian artist are nothing but artistic mirages which have an imaginary boundary between the countless stories these paintings tell. These aspects or boundaries make the viewer to oscillate between them which change the effect like a kaleidoscopic design. His early experience with art and the study of surrealistic paintings of the two master artists, René Magritte and Salvador Dali has bestowed him with the artistic mastery to misdirect the viewer into directing them to reality!

The mastery of architectural technique is elaborated best in Robert Gonsalves’ painting depicting a young girl arranging the building blocks on a skyscraper while the boy tries to fit one on top of a huge skyscraper by hanging precariously from the branch of a tree. At first sight you feel that the boy is just hanging from the tree and in the background is the scene of the Manhattan riverside. Only on a closer second look do you see what the artist actually is trying to tell us – that the young boy is also building a skyscraper so tall that he has to climb atop a tree to fit the building block. The studies in surrealism have left a lasting impression on all of the paintings of Robert Gonsalves and which also leaves its impression on the viewer as well.

Artist`s Facebook account: Rob Gonsalves