The Little Nurse, 1944

8 year old Róża Maria Goździewska was the youngest nurse to serve with the Polish forces during the ill-fated Warsaw Uprising of August-October 1944. According to her sister, despite her young age, Róża stubbornly insisted in helping out at the insurgents’ hospital located in

The Pledge of Allegiance and the Bellamy Salute

One of the traditions of school children across America, the daily ritual of pledging allegiance to the flag goes back to 1892 when a Christian socialist minister named Francis Bellamy first published “The Pledge of Allegiance”. At the time America was becoming more diversified

Magic Realism by Rob Gonsalves (25 images)

A picture tells a thousand stories! A great artist like Canadian born Rob Gonsalves helps bring the pictures he draws and paints to life. His pictures are the very essence of a magical world of mystical illusions. His pictures are all so planned that